Group Leader
Eric Maloney

Current Graduate Students
Justin Whitaker (M.S. 2017, Ph.D ongoing)
Michael Natoli (M.S. ongoing)
Kai-Chih Tseng (Ph.D, co-advised with Elizabeth Barnes)

Research Scientists
Emily Riley Dellaripa

Current Postdoctoral Fellows
Scott Powell
Bohar Singh
Hien Bui

Past Graduate Students
Nilesh Araligidad (M.S. 2007)
Walter Hannah (M.S. 2009; Ph.D. 2014)
Gus Alaka (M.S. 2010; Ph.D. 2014)
Adam Rydbeck (M.S. 2012; Ph.D. 2015)
Brandon Wolding (M.S. 2013; Ph.D. 2017)
Stephanie Henderson (M.S. 2012; Ph.D. 2017)
Bryan Mundhenk (Ph.D. 2017, co-advised with Elizabeth Barnes)

Past Postdoctoral Fellows
Kiranmayi Landu
James Benedict